Package Includes:

  • Rage Buggies
  • Powerturns
  • Axe Throwing
Available From Only £75.00 Per Person
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Need inspiration for bonding your bride tribe? There's no easier way to bring together a group of girls than by speeding, skidding and putting your foot down around purpose-built racecourses in the Nottingham countryside! That’s not all, when you finish behind the wheel, get yourself ready for axe throwing, can your ladies hit the target? Boom! Hen party perfection!

Get your hen party pumping when you arrive at the venue with a Rage Buggy endurance race. Climb in the driver’s seat of a mean 660cc, low slung machine in continuous time trials. Which of your hens will be the Queen of Speed and take the chequered flag?

When your time trials are up, you’ll swap vehicles and find yourself in the maddest four-wheeled machines to hit the British countryside. Powerturns are mind-boggling. Just when you think you’ve mastered driving skills, you trade a steering wheel and pedals for two levers. Forget waving goodbye to the single life, you’re going to spin through it!

Finally, after you’ve drove a Rage buggy like you stole it, spun till you nearly puked and laughed your way round the course it’s time for the grand finale. Axe Throwing, has any of your ladies got the skills to throw the axe straight into the bullseye? Will you be queen of the countryside with your axe throwing skills!

This is an outstanding package so you and your ladies can really enjoy the great outdoors!

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