Micro Quads Activity

Arguably the funniest, daftest driving activity in Nottingham! Micro quads are 160cc mini machines with a top speed of 17mph.

Go head-to-head with friends, family members or colleagues in a series of mini motor challenges. There's more to this driving activity than making it past the finish line first. You'll need to dodge obstacles, tackle bumpy terrain and avoid penalty markers to win.

Mastering the art of controlling micro quads is hilarious! Expect big belly laughs and amazing photo opportunities as your team members zip round the course on baby bikes.

Don't be too quick to scoff at the top speed of our micro quads! Although 17mph might sound tame, you'll have slick tyres and zero traction to contend with. Cornering will test even the most confident driver in the group.

Micro quads are ideal for stag parties and make a change from the usual team building driving activities.

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