Powerturn Activity

The name says it all! Powerturns are twin-engine dragsters capable of performing some pretty impressive tricks. If doing donuts, spinning on the spot and pulling wheelies whilst cornering appeals, this is your ideal driving activity.

These badass buggies were given the seal of approval from the Top Gear boys, so you know you're in for a good time on the track.

Whether you're on a stag do or fancy doing something different as part of a team building day, this driving activity will fit the bill.

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Controlling The Beast

Forget conventional car stuff like steering wheel and pedals. A Powerturn is a 2-wheel drive off-road buggy operated using two levers. Anyone mature enough to remember old school computer joysticks will be a natural!

The Driving Experience

Powerturns will throw you off your guard at first. Here's the twist: both drive wheels are powered at different speeds.

What does that mean for the driver? Well, for starters you'll be able to tackle hairpins and angles at higher speeds than usual. It also means that cornering is a more intense experience as Powerturns can turn and spin whilst cornering without compromising safety.

It's not just speed and smart spins that make Powerturns so much fun to drive. Superior traction and extra-rugged tyres enable these tough buggies to traverse everything from bone-rattling rocky paths to thick, deep mud.

Controlled danger is the name of the game. If you like looping rollercoasters, you'll love this driving activity.

Fly Solo or Pair Up

Single and twin-seater Powerturns are available. We recommend pairing up with a mate and operating one stick each for maximum chaos and side-splitting moments!

Take The Powerturn Challenge

There's more to this driving activity than simply mastering the controls and performing wheelies. Take our Powerturn challenge and see if you've got the skills to negotiate our slalom course without spinning out of control or hitting the markers.

Activity Price

Powerturns - Price on Request

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