Shooting Activities

Experience the anticipation and excitement of archery at the shooting section of our Nottingham driving site. You’re in the home of Robin Hood, it would be rude not to get busy with bow and arrow! Master the basic archery shot and punch the air when you release the arrow, see it whiz through the air and hear it hit the target with a massive ‘thwock’!

Shooting activities are also available at our Nottingham driving site. Laser clays is the tech-savvy version of traditional clay pigeon shooting. The shotguns emit laser beams instead of live ammo. There’s virtually no kickback and the guns are lighter and easier to handle, giving you more speed and control. Laser clays give you a much better chance of smashing moving targets.

You can only experience the raw power of shooting with pistols in a few select UK locations. Nottingham is one of them. Particularly popular with stag parties, pistols require icy cool under pressure, a keen eye and a steady hand. Take the targets down one by one and see who is the Dirty Harry of the group. This is shooting with real pistols and live ammo in the wilds of Nottinghamshire. Come get some!

Try your hand at shooting with the latest air rifles! Lighter and faster than the 12-bore shotguns typically used in clay shooting, air rifles are a pleasure to handle and ideal for beginners. Have you got the skill, speed and control to hit the targets and make it to the top of our leaderboard? This is great for team building or just for fun!

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Activity Prices

Archery - Price on Request
Air Pistols - Price on Request
Laser Clays - Price on Request

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