Bungee Run Activity

If you want a real rush and a big laugh, have a bash at the bungee run! Here’s the deal: split your group into teams and take it in turns to run as fast as you can up our inflatable bungee run before the cord drags you back to the start. Doh! The runner to place his or her Velcro baton at the farthest point up the run wins the race. It’s fast, furious and a total scream! Go on; give it some welly!

If you’re planning a day out at our Nottingham driving site and want to do something fun and completely different, the bungee run will fit the bill. Forget bows and arrows, if Robin Hood was alive and kicking today, he’d go head-to-head with the Sheriff of Nottingham in this big and bouncy challenge! Not to be taken seriously, this is a great way to relax and blow off some steam on a team building day or a stag do.

Everyone in the group has a go on the bungee run, you get great pictures and roar laughing! There are few things funnier than watching your friends or colleagues scramble up a bouncy run attached to a bungee cord!

Off all the activities available at our Nottingham driving site, the bungee run is undoubtedly the most bonkers! Once experienced, never forgotten.

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