Reverse Steering Activity

Reckon you're king of the road? Prove it with a reverse steer driving session at our Nottingham site. Funny, frustrating and completely bonkers, this driving activity will mess with your mind!

On the surface, reverse steer driving sounds simple. The steering is set up in reverse, so what? How difficult can it be? Pretty challenging, as you'll discover when you tackle our slalom course!

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Event Format

Your driving day in Nottingham begins with a briefing. Our instructors will pair everyone up and show you all to your chariots. One person drives the buggy whilst the other gives directions and moral support.

After a quick demo and a practice session, you'll be let loose on the obstacle course.

The aim is simple: navigate the course as fast as you can without hitting the cones. The pair to make it round the course in the fastest time wins the event. This driving activity works brilliantly for team building, fun days, stag parties and birthday bashes.

Activity Price

Reverse Steer Driving - Price on Request

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