4x4 Driving Activity

When it comes to pure power and sheer exhilaration, you can't beat a blast round a course in an ATV. A perennial favourite, 4x4 off road driving in Nottingham will send the adrenaline levels into orbit! It's brilliant for everything from team building days and client hospitality to stag parties.

Reckon you've got the skills to take a rugged beast of a vehicle round our cross-country course? You'll face sharp inclines, water pits, ramps and a muddy swamp.

There's an art to 4x4 off road driving. It takes confidence, a cool head, fast reactions, and smarts. Simply putting your foot down to get over tricky terrain won't fly.

Once you've cracked it, 4x4 off road driving supplies a bigger rush than bungee jumping.

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Event Format

On arrival at our Nottingham site, instructors will brief everyone. Get behind the wheel and learn techniques that will enable you to drive a 4x4 across water, up hills, through mud and along rocky tracks.

Boost confidence with a practice session, split into teams and compete in our 4x4 driving challenge.

Your mission is to navigate our cross-country course in the fastest time. One of our instructors will be in the passenger seat, marking you on driving style and ability to maintain pace. No pressure, then!

Penalty points will be given for stopping and hitting markers.

Golden Rules

Follow the golden rules for 4x4 off road driving and become "king of the road".

  • Avoid gear changes whilst tackling difficult terrain
  • Keep your speed steady whilst driving through mud or water
  • If the wheels spin, ease off the throttle
  • Climb hills in the highest gear practical
  • Apply and release the throttle slowly
  • Remember that YOU are in control of the vehicle, not the other way round!

Activity Price

4x4 Off Road Driving - Price on Request

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