Axe Throwing Activities

Axe Throwing in Nottingham has it all, perfect for bonding groups like stag and hen parties or giving your family and friends an outing they'll never forget. 

Nottingham Driving is known for some of the most adrenaline pumping activities available – and our Axe Throwing experience is no different. 

The axe throwing event at Nottingham Driving is led by experienced, friendly instructors who are accustomed to working with beginners. They’ll go at a pace that suits the entire group, so that no one will feel like they’re in over their heads. Everyone from neices and nephews to aunts, uncles and parents – everyone will feel at home with the instructors at Nottingham Driving.

Here’s how it works: when your group arrives at the site, everyone will go through a safety briefing. After your briefing, instruction begins and everyone is taught how to stand, how to hold the axe properly in order to release it to the target and the optimal point to release it to hear that satisfying ‘thunk’ when it hits your target. Once you hear it and you’ve got the hang of how to throw the axe you’ll all compete in a competition for the top spot on the leader board.

Ideal as an afternoon activity on its own but equally perfect to pair with activities like clay shooting, powerturns or a ride in a rage buggy. Celebrate those special moments with memories that your friends and family will treasure forever!

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