Blindfold Driving Activity

Nothing brings people together and builds trust quite like blindfold driving! One of the most challenging, funny and frustrating driving activities in Nottingham, it’s definitely one for the bucket list. One person drives blindfolded while the others give directions. The team to finish the course in the fastest time wins. Can you take orders from the backseat drivers and smash the challenge?

A real melon twister, blindfold driving will scramble your sense of direction big time! Which way is left and which way is right? When you’re driving minus your sense of sight, simple directions suddenly get confusing. Speed demons turn into snails. Even the most confident drivers get their knickers in a twist!

To make things more challenging, you’ll be driving a 4x4 round an off road course in the middle of the Nottinghamshire countryside, which is bumpy to say the least!

Blindfold driving is absolutely priceless and definitely teaches a thing or two about the importance of communication. Planning a party weekend for a big birthday? Pit boys against girls in the definitive battle of the sexes! Organising a team building day? You’d have to go a long way to beat blindfold driving for bonding.

Jump in the driver’s seat for a ride you’ll always remember!

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