Chuckle Buggy Activity

Chuckle buggies will have everyone roaring with laughter. These mini Argo Cats are 6-wheel drive wonders that can spin on the spot. If you want competitive fun and big belly laughs, this is the Nottingham driving activity for you.

Anyone who remembers cult kids' TV show The Banana Splits will already be familiar with chuckle buggies. They're just like the ones the furry animal rockers used to whiz around on.

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Event Format

Your driving day in Nottingham begins with a briefing. Our instructors will split everyone into teams and demonstrate how to drive the buggies. Get up to speed with a practice session, and then compete in our chuckle buggy challenge.

The aim is to make it round our slalom course in Nottingham without hitting the strategically placed markers. Send these flying and you'll incur penalty points.

At first glance, chuckle buggies look like child's play. However, this is no ordinary driving activity. Controlling these little blighters is trickier than it looks! There's no steering wheel or gears. Single seater chuckle buggies operate via two levers. Surprisingly fast off the mark, they're incredibly responsive.

It takes skill, speed, concentration and coordination to control these tiny terrors. Up for the challenge?

Activity Price

Chuckle Buggies - Price on Request

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