Package Includes:

  • 45mins Rage Buggies
  • 45mins Powerturns
  • 45mins Micro Quads and Bungee Runnning
Available From Only £75.00 Per Person
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Rev, wheelie and skid your way around three outstanding race courses - each with an eye-wateringly fast or hilarious machine. Then finish off the fun with a relay race attached to bungee harnesses. What could be better on a Saturday afternoon?!

The good times start with a Rage buggy endurance race - continuous time trials in the leanest, meanest off-road vehicles in the world. Low slung and kitted out with V-Twin Honda engines (660cc), Rage buggies go like the proverbial poo off a spade. Can you keep control of one long enough to finish a lap?

After 45 minutes’ continuous driving, you’ll swap your Rage buggy for the maddest vehicle we’ve ever seen. PowerTurns use two hugely responsive engines to independently drive a pair of dragster rear tyres. They have no steering wheels, and are controlled solely by giving forward or reverse throttle using two levers. Put one wheel into forward and the other in the opposite direction, and you’ve got a machine that can turn on its own axis at face-melting speeds!

When you’ve spun yourself dizzy, and learned how to take sharp corners whilst doing a wheelie, we’ll get the Micro Quads out for a gut-busting finale. Zoom around our slippery grass circuit, dodging the slalom poles and trying not to laugh so hard you fall off the smallest quad bikes in existence!

Last but by no means least, the bungee run is the only non motor-powered event of the day. Strap in, and run as hard as you can for the end of the inflatable race-track. The challenge is to stick your Velcro baton to the furthest possible point on the side wall, before the bungee whips you back to the starting line!

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